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Quality Assured through
Processes and Systems



Quality services your business Deserves

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Quality Management

Quality Management System is essential for improving your business's field operations and enabling it to meet the requirements of customers.

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Field Inspections & Mechanical Completion

Schedule and conduct field discipline inspections per Inspection & Test Plan requirements as part of our Total Quality Solution offering.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Audit Management

POC team have certified Lead Auditors to review high risk business processes per ISO 19011 Auditing guidelines.

A Man Welding

Welding & NDT Management System

POC offers a proprietary system (databases) dedicated to manage and track completion of welding and NDT activities on your project.


Power BI

POC offers a proprietary system (databases) dedicated to manage and track completion of welding and NDT activities on your project.



We Work with You to make it Right First Time

Paramount O&G Consultants work with your business to set up the required systems and streamline work processes to ensure consistent quality is achieved. POC consultants have years of hands-on experience in the industry providing Quality Assurance and Control (QAQC) solutions. They employ industry best practices to achieve product quality that conforms to project guidelines, relevant regulations, and ISO and industry standards.

The successful achievement of project quality delivery lies in adopting and setting the correct systems, training project personnel, defining and standardizing processes, preparing work procedures and test plans, setting up controls, sampling and testing, and continuous improvement. POC ensures that your project team is supported from project startup to project delivery.​


We have a team of Quality professionals and technicians, Engineers and Project management personnel to provide our clients a complete Quality Solution for their projects. These experienced professional personnel have been associated with these major capital projects (MCP) around the globe.



Toronto, ON, Canada

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