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Welding specialist

Welding & NDT Management System

POC offers a proprietary system (databases) dedicated to manage and track completion of welding and NDT activities on your project.

Man Fixing Pipe

WPS/WPQR Management

Our proprietary software provides solutions to simplify and speed up the record management of  WPS, WPQR and pWPS documents.

These documents are essential for starup and validation of project welding activities per relevant Industry code like ASME IX, B31.3.

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.40.25 - Technician performing non destructive testing on a welded pip

Weld NDT Records Management

Our proprietary Welding and NDT management software provides solutions to help manage and track welding progress, related NDT compliance per relevant Industry code, weld Reject rates, welder performance and provide weld clearance as a pre-requisite for strength testing (hydro/ pneumatic). 

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.43.12 - Pipe being strength tested using water and pressure gauges .p

Hydrotesting Clearance

Confirmation that all welds within the strength test pack boundaries are compliant to the relevant Industry code is a pre-requisite for any strength testing.

POC provides a dedicated databse system designed per Industry experience to track weld completions alongwith NDT status to issue Clearance certificate for testing to proceed.

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