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Chemical Plant

Quality Management System

Quality Management System is essential for improving your business's field operations and enabling it to meet the requirements of customers.

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Quality Management Plan

POC works together with your project team in preparing a Quality Management Plan (QMP) that suits your business size and requirements. Planning correctly to deliver quality is a foundation of successful project delivery.


POC will provide consulting to ensure your QMP conforms to ISO 9001:2008/ 2015 standard and project specifications. 

Our proprietary software can be deployed 

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Project Personnel Quality Training

Many projects inspite of dedicating all required resources fail to achieve the  product quality because most of the project personnel fail to answer:


What is the required quality on project ?


POC can design and deliver training sessions to your project team familiarising them with the project quality management plan (PQMP) and processes. This would ensure each personnel is on the same page towards project quality requirements and delivery.

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Non-Conformance Management

POC brings deep industry knowledge and expertise in managing Non-Conformances on your projet.

Non-Conformances can be very expensive for the project as it could potentially have significant cost and schedule impacts.

We can set up a program to identify , correct and prevent these Non-conformances to eliminate re-work and associated costs.

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