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Mechanical Completions Support

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Subsystem Deliverables

POC shall work with project team to ensure all subsystem related deliverables are submitted inline with Mechanical Completion schedule and priorities.

We shall implement tracking systems, identify all required deliverables, and setup engagements with relevant stakeholders to ensure no delays aoccur in this process.

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Punchlist Management

POC provides consulting in setting up the Punchlist Management Process.


Punchlisting is a very important step towards Project MechanicCompletion and Turnover. Its essential that this process is managed correctly otherwise could result in significant costs and can delay project delivery.


POC will advise on Punchlist Walkdowns, capturing and closing out punchlist items.

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Manufacturer Data Records (MDR) Preparation

Manufacturer data records (MDR) is an essential deliverable towards sub-system Mechanical Completion while also holding a significant monetary value.


POC provides consulting in setting up your MDR index as per project guidelines and industry best practices.


POC provides trainings to correctly setup the process of progressive compilation of Quality records into the MDR and deliveryat MC per subsystem.

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