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Civil Engineer

Field Inspections & Compliance

We shall work with your project team to schedule and conduct field discipline inspections per Inspection & Test Plan requirements as part of our Total Quality Solution offering.

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.01.41 - Field Inspector in with a checklist on a clipboard wearing he

Discipline Field Inspections

POC inspectors have numerous years of work experience to work as certified discipline inspectors in Onshore/Offshore projects.


Inspectors will conduct required inspections for Hold and Witness points of your project construction works ensuring the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is fully completed and all process steps have complied to required tolerances.


Inspectors can also review the Field inspection checklists and test records ensuring all Quality Controls have passed.


Inspection & Test Record  (ITR)

Quality field inspections shall result in completion of Inspection & test records (ITR) that are an essential  contractual deliverable and a must have for a subsystem Mechanical Compeltion.

Our field consultants and inspectors shall help setup these ITRs per Inspection & Test Plans (ITP), manage their timely closeout inline with MC priorities and schedule.

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.27.01 - field inspector inspecting the mechanical compressor integrat

Surveillance Plan

Surveillance plan is required to review ongoing field works and ensure no major Quality defects are observed at a later date.

Surveillance planning can save your project singificant costs and schedule impacts.

Out team of field consulatnts shall review your field construction plans,Inspection & testing requirements to identify a risk profile of critical processes and setup a Surveillance Plan.

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