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Quality Management System

Quality Management System is essential for improving your business's field operations and enabling it to meet the requirements of customers.

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Quality Management Plan

POC works together with your project team in preparing a Quality Management Plan (QMP) that suits your business size and requirements. Planning correctly to deliver quality is a foundation of successful project delivery.


POC will provide consulting to ensure your QMP conforms to ISO 9001:2008/ 2015 standard and project specifications. 

Our proprietary software can be deployed 

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Project Personnel Quality Training

Many projects inspite of dedicating all required resources fail to achieve the  product quality because most of the project personnel fail to answer:


What is the required quality on project ?


POC can design and deliver training sessions to your project team familiarising them with the project quality management plan (PQMP) and processes. This would ensure each personnel is on the same page towards project quality requirements and delivery.

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Non-Conformance Management

POC brings deep industry knowledge and expertise in managing Non-Conformances on your projet.

Non-Conformances can be very expensive for the project as it could potentially have significant cost and schedule impacts.

We can set up a program to identify , correct and prevent these Non-conformances to eliminate re-work and associated costs.

Field Inspections & Compliance

We shall work with your project team to schedule and conduct field discipline inspections per Inspection & Test Plan requirements as part of our Total Quality Solution offering.

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.01.41 - Field Inspector in with a checklist on a clipboard wearing he

Discipline Field Inspections

POC inspectors have numerous years of work experience to work as certified discipline inspectors in Onshore/Offshore projects.


Inspectors will conduct required inspections for Hold and Witness points of your project construction works ensuring the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is fully completed and all process steps have complied to required tolerances.


Inspectors can also review the Field inspection checklists and test records ensuring all Quality Controls have passed.


Inspection & Test Record  (ITR)

Quality field inspections shall result in completion of Inspection & test records (ITR) that are an essential  contractual deliverable and a must have for a subsystem Mechanical Compeltion.

Our field consultants and inspectors shall help setup these ITRs per Inspection & Test Plans (ITP), manage their timely closeout inline with MC priorities and schedule.

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.27.01 - field inspector inspecting the mechanical compressor integrat

Surveillance Plan

Surveillance plan is required to review ongoing field works and ensure no major Quality defects are observed at a later date.

Surveillance planning can save your project singificant costs and schedule impacts.

Out team of field consulatnts shall review your field construction plans,Inspection & testing requirements to identify a risk profile of critical processes and setup a Surveillance Plan.

Audit Management System

POC team have certified Lead Auditors to review high risk business processes per ISO 19011 Auditing guidelines.

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Audit Plan Development

POC provides consulting in preparing an Audit Plan for your project. Working together with your project team, POC consultant would identify risk profile of different areas of your business and ensure audits are planned accordingly. 

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Certified Lead Auditors with Industry experience can conduct site or third party Audits per ISO 19011 guidelines to ensure good health of high risk processes (welding, fabrication, Ex or others) to minimize non-conforming products thus reducing impact on costs and schedules.

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Improvement Plan 

Per ISO 19011 Audit management guidelines, after an Audit review, an Action Plan shall be developed and discussed with Auditee to address all necessarry Corrective actions and review Opportunities for Improvements. These shall be included in the Final Audit Report and project management.

Mechanical Completions Support

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Subsystem Deliverables

POC shall work with project team to ensure all subsystem related deliverables are submitted inline with Mechanical Completion schedule and priorities.

We shall implement tracking systems, identify all required deliverables, and setup engagements with relevant stakeholders to ensure no delays aoccur in this process.

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Punchlist Management

POC provides consulting in setting up the Punchlist Management Process.


Punchlisting is a very important step towards Project MechanicCompletion and Turnover. Its essential that this process is managed correctly otherwise could result in significant costs and can delay project delivery.


POC will advise on Punchlist Walkdowns, capturing and closing out punchlist items.

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Manufacturer Data Records (MDR) Preparation

Manufacturer data records (MDR) is an essential deliverable towards sub-system Mechanical Completion while also holding a significant monetary value.


POC provides consulting in setting up your MDR index as per project guidelines and industry best practices.


POC provides trainings to correctly setup the process of progressive compilation of Quality records into the MDR and deliveryat MC per subsystem.

Welding & NDT Management System

POC offers a proprietary system (databases) dedicated to manage and track completion of welding and NDT activities on your project.

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WPS/WPQR Management

Our proprietary software provides solutions to simplify and speed up the record management of  WPS, WPQR and pWPS documents.

These documents are essential for starup and validation of project welding activities per relevant Industry code like ASME IX, B31.3.

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.40.25 - Technician performing non destructive testing on a welded pip

Weld NDT Records Management

Our proprietary Welding and NDT management software provides solutions to help manage and track welding progress, related NDT compliance per relevant Industry code, weld Reject rates, welder performance and provide weld clearance as a pre-requisite for strength testing (hydro/ pneumatic). 

DALL·E 2023-05-17 01.43.12 - Pipe being strength tested using water and pressure gauges .p

Hydrotesting Clearance

Confirmation that all welds within the strength test pack boundaries are compliant to the relevant Industry code is a pre-requisite for any strength testing.

POC provides a dedicated databse system designed per Industry experience to track weld completions alongwith NDT status to issue Clearance certificate for testing to proceed.

Power BI Dashboards

Paramount O&G Consultants can use Power BI's powerful business analytics functionality to extract real time data and present in a meaningful manner that is cost effective and requires minimal training.


Dashboard Development

POC offers Power BI dashboard development services that provide real-time insights into your project data. Our team of experts will create custom dashboards that meet your specific needs and help you make informed decisions quickly and easily. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your project goals.

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Business Analysis

Using Power BI, we can analyze your business data and help you make informed decisions everyday, improve business processes and gain trust of your stakeholders.

Using Data Collaboration techniques we can collate information from various data sources and help consolidate into a framework and reports depicting health of your business and areas of improvement and/or growth.

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Maintenance Support

In a dynamic and fast paced project space, information is rapidly changing and thus need for frequent Data Refresh cycles or integration with new available data sources to stay abreast with latest project information which may involve updating and/or revising your Power BI dashboards and reports for your stakeholders. 

POC can provide support to ensure your project is always working on the Current data.


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© Paramount O&G Consultants - All Rights Reserved

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